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Job Opportunities

FlexRide is all about connecting people to jobs. This page provides some of the current job openings at our participating employers in the Menomonee Falls and Butler areas. You can also click on each employer’s career opportunities page for more opportunities.





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Arandell Corporation

Part of an apprenticeship program leading to becoming a State Certified Journeyman Operator in the printing industry. Primary responsibilities most days will be to lift stacks of our catalogs, align their edges together (called jogging) and place them in a feeder pocket on the machine. Starting pay $14.57/hr

Bindery Worker

Arandell Corporation

Part of an apprenticeship program guiding indviduals from a entry-level Press Assistant role to the role of 2nd Pressman and eventually to 1st Pressman. Responsible for the setup, monitoring and troubleshooting of robotics. Learn how to install plates (the template for printed pages) and also how to web up a press (installing large rolls of paper and running the paper through the press and into a folder). Starting pay $15.79/hr

Press Assistant

Bradley Corp

Responsible for assembling mechanical units, sub-assemblies, and final assemblies to a standardized process. Assembles components by examining connections for correct fit; fastening parts and subassemblies. Processes, packages, labels, and moves finished products for shipment.


Bradley Corp

Responsible for performing a series of progressive fabricating operations to exacting tolerances and finish specifications. Proficient in all equipment set-ups and fabricating techniques. Assembles and packages finished products. Adheres to safety and quality standards.



Provide basic nursing skills as delegated by the RN. The CNA will perform bed making, taking of vital signs, measuring of height and weight, caring for the patient's environment, measuring fluid and nutrient intake and output, and walking or transferring a patient using appropriate equipment.

Certified Nursing Assistant


Performs inpatient, outpatient and/or office room cleaning to ensure a clean and aseptic environment that meets approved cleanliness standards.



Performs food service duties related to the service of hot and cold foods to all customers, hospital patients, staff and visitors.

In-Room Dining Assistant


Responsible for operating pre-set equipment for basic and repetitive production tasks related to producing motorcycle engines and transmissions, such as placing parts in specified relationship to each other and checking those parts for fit, function and cosmetic quality.

Production Technician 1


Produces machined parts for motorcycle engines and transmissions by loading program, setting up, and operating a computer numerical control (CNC) machine(s); maintaining quality and safety standards; keeping records; responding to machine alarms; and maintaining equipment and supplies. 

Production Technician 2


Responsible for operating molding presses to produce completed friction parts for industries such as ski lifts, trains, planes, and agricultural parts to just name a few. Starting pay $14-17/hr

Press Operator

Villani Landshapers

Performs detailed horticultural services on client properties, educating clients on vegetation management. Works either individually or with a team member to carry out technical pruning and insect and disease management

Horticulture Specialist

Villani Landshapers

Performs landscape maintenance tasks under the direction of a crew foreman. Mowing | Weeding | Trimming | Planting | Mulching | Pruning

Maintenance Crew Member

Villani Landshapers

Works with a crew of 2-4 crew members to complete landscape maintenance tasks on client properties. Uses landscape industry knowledge to train and mentor crew members.

Maintenance Foreman

Western States

Responsible for setting up, adjusting, troubleshooting and operating folding machines. Starting pay $18-21/hr

Machine Adjuster/Setup Technician

Western States

Responsible for running, packing and inspecting envelopes. Starting pay $15-16/hr


Western States

Responsible for receiving, storing, and distributing material and products. Starting pay $17-18/hr


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