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FlexRide Milwaukee Business Partners

FlexRide Milwaukee is successful because of collaborative efforts between business, municipal, and community-based partners. Partnerships help determine where FlexRide Milwaukee will operate by providing funding, promotion, and employment opportunities. 

Starting June 1, 2023, employers will have the opportunity to become Business Members. FlexRide will require a minimum of three Business Members to start or maintain service in an employment zone. Employers are one of the primary ways riders hear about the program. 

Benefits of Membership

  • Promotional toolkit that includes: 

    • Pamphlets for new hires 

    • Posters 

    • Email templates 

  • Jobs posted on FlexRide Milwaukee website 

  • Member recognition on website 

  • Invitations to events with other stakeholders andMobiliSE. 

Member Requirements

  • Promotion of the program to employees

  • Offer fare payment as benefit to riders 

  • Provide Flexride Milwaukee quarterly data on retention (duration of grant funding) 

  • Flexibility with tardiness policies for riders when verified service issues arise, if possible.  

Business Membership Program

Business partners in our membership program are vital to the success of FlexRide Milwaukee. FlexRide Milwaukee works with Business Members in our Employment Zones to ensure reliable transportation for their employees. There is no fee for Business Membership. Members are required to cover the fares for their employees that use the service. 

Interested in adding FlexRide service in your area?

Our Partners

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